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Who We Are

Youth Tennis San Diego's vision is to inspire and lead the international tennis community in transforming the lives of youth.

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Our Mission

Youth Tennis San Diego, a nonprofit (501)(c)(3) organization, contributes to the development pathway of all youth by providing physical, mental, emotional, educational, and social platforms through tennis for children to thrive.

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What We Have

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Junior Tennis Underwriting Master Plan (J.U.M.P.). We are thrilled to announce that all children in San Diego and surrounding areas now have the opportunity to participate in USTA-sanctioned L7 and Junior Circuit tournaments at no cost. Our center is proud to be the first and only in the United States to provide this unprecedented service, breaking down financial barriers and fostering a more inclusive community. Typically, entry fees for these tournaments can cost up to $55 per player, making our initiative a significant step forward in promoting equal access to opportunities for young athletes. We are committed to making a lasting impact and ensuring that every child has the chance to showcase their skills and compete.

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